Top 8 Best School Administration Systems

A good school or education management program makes the running of such an institution much easier. There are many options on the market, so we compiled a list of the top systems to help you choose the right one for you.

School Management Software

This is a web-based management program and offers live support. It is used by more than 3500 schools and has more than 300 core features. This is a great program to automate school administration, communication with the home, and classroom management. It has very good reviews.


This is a management and communications software that cater for Pre-K to Grade 12. It streamlines all aspects including report cards, data reports, homework, calendars, admissions, schedules, attendances, email communication, grade books, lesson plans, conference scheduling and much, much more. This program has a 5-star rating across the board and is highly recommended.

Fresh Schools

This system is aimed at Pre-K to Grade 12 and is a system for communication and fundraising. It is an easy set-up and saves a lot of hours on administrative duties. This system coordinates and manages communication, volunteering, and fundraising. It has great reviews and ratings.

SAF School Management Software

This system is great for simplifying school processes like computing, compiling, and managing school finances, student records, and several other processes. It brings together parents, teachers, administrators, and students with no fuss. This is an innovative program and will make your school more efficient. It has good ratings.

Skyward School Management

This software is suitable for Pre-K to Grade 8, as well as private and charter schools. This is an easy-to-use system that combines technology, community, and leadership to help improve the way schools are managed. This program has average ratings and has a flexible finance and HR business suite.


This is an enterprise class cloud-based Student Information System. It caters for all the features and functions you need to run your school or afterschool center more effectively. This system was created to empower educators and improve the quality of education and student lives. This system has a very high rating and excellent reviews.

PowerVista RollCall

This a very good system and caters for schools with adult learners. It is very user-friendly and easy to install. It offers several features that make day-to-day tasks much easier and more efficient. When buying this system, you also get 6 months of technical support and training to help you get started. It has good ratings and is a good management system.


This system is great for streamlining financial management and general record keeping functions. This system makes management much easier and helps your systems to run more efficiently. It offers dashboards that are user-friendly and offers login access for students, teachers, and other staff. It comes highly recommended and has good reviews.

These are some of the top school administration and management systems around. One of them will be the one you need for your school or afterschool establishment. Visit each program’s website for more information on features and costs.